Friday, 31 May 2013

Sunshiny Blues

We just had a quick jaunt to Spain. We did more driving than anything else, but still had time for absorbing those blue hues and eating muchas de patatas bravas!

I remembered these roadside bull silhouettes from earlier travels. A quick Wiki search has taught me that they started life as a logo for Osborne Sherry (not very Spanish-sounding). Roadside advertising is no longer allowed, but the bull has become a symbol of Spain and has survived. We saw him standing proudly at regular intervals along the A1. You can't tell from this picture, but he has plenty to be proud of.

I have never spent more than a couple of hours at sea and I was curious about the sense of waiting that came over me on the twenty-four hour crossing. Friends recently went on a cruise and informed us that it is common for people to put on a pound in weight per day. I can see how. Eating and drinking is the main occupation. And people start drinking before the ferry has cast off. As a normally queasy sailor I was thankful for the almost freakishly calm sea on the way home.

All the Food Groups!