Friday, 23 January 2015


The thickest of frosts have been layering everything with a glistening veil before gradually melting in the morning sun. The Airstream warms quickly when there is sunlight shining in through the side windows. Without the sunlight, and when the temperature drops to zero or below outside, we rely more on the gas. I'm off to refill it today. I should have a stunning drive through the Cotswold countryside with the sparkling frost and slowly lifting mist.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Knitting Rekindled

I knitted this cosy for my Mum, as a Christmas prezzy. I haven't made anything at all for absolutely ages (much too busy simply dealing with 'real' life, which is all too dull to bother writing about, hence the lengthy silence). It was a soothing pleasure to get back to it.

The colours blend with, rather than match her home (I hope!!!). The golden colours appear in a painting of straw bales in a harvested wheat field, and the blue and deep purple are a nod to her middle eastern rugs. Not literal, just a suggestion. Plus, a tea cosy should turn out jolly in the end. I look forward to seeing it on my father's head. I believe it's compulsory?