Thursday, 22 April 2010

Fun Bunting

I am making bunting for the Airstream.

My mini sewing machine is coming into its own. I bought it a little while ago, thinking it would be handy for stitching up the sock creatures. And, of course, any new arrival into the Airstream has to be carefully considered. We can't just keep filling it up with stuff. Every time we buy something we ask ourselves, where will we keep it? So getting this little thing was not a rushed decision. So far though I have found sewing the socks with it a bit fiddly and I missed the hand-sewing. But now it is the perfect tool for the job.

We have been having such a beautiful, sunny spring and thoughts of summer are in the air. There are two rallies, or gatherings of UK Airstreamers planned for the summer (details on the website) and the trailer will be adorned with jolly little flags as well as the usual strings of lights. Sometimes when we all gather in a field we new Airstreams can all look terribly smart and all the same. Not this time!

I have got some smart-looking blue and white fabric and some red and white which I will make up later. For now I'm thinking sunshine, barbecues and fun.

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