Sunday, 4 July 2010

Luscious Temptation

We found a lovely fabric shop in Cambridge, Cally Co. It reminded me of a cake shop, filled with luscious temptation.

Occasionally, but not often enough on our travels, we come across a french-style patisserie which will have confections of the lightest, aerated meringue and macaroon. Have you seen those pink and pistachio macaroons? I always have to have one, not only because they are divinely light but chewy and a bit gooey in the middle. I have to have one because that type of frivolously colourful and pointless confectionery is such a rarity that it might just be my last chance to indulge in that way for a very long time. Scones and fruit cake have their place, but so do mille feuille and macaroons.

So, back to the scrummy Cally Co, I found it just as delicious as a posh cake shop. You know when you want to touch everything? We bought some polka dot, dove grey PVC to use as an outdoor table cloth. We have been looking out for just the right one. Some are too dull, some are too madly patterned. Dove grey seems just right with our silver table and grey chairs.

We also had a jolly chat with the two lovely women in the shop. When we described our nomadic living arrangements I knew I wouldn't need to explain what an Airstream is, and I was right. I'm going to try to go back to that yummy shop before we leave the area. There must be something else I need.


Bella said...

Dear 'Shoe',

I have really enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your delicious photo's. So much so that I have opened my own blogspot and am learning very slowly how to navigate it's tricky instructions. I am getting there but you will have to bare with me!
I am a fellow craft shop lover, amateur photographer, quilter, machine knitter, jewelry and clothing designer. I love crafting anything!
As I get to grips with blogging I hope to include some of my crafting and vintage shopping pic's. So I hope you will enjoy my creative blogs from America.
Any advice on blogging how to's welcome:)


Caroline P.S I am British too!

Tracey said...

Hi Caroline

Thanks for your lovely comments, here and on the UKAirstreamers forum. I will check out your new blog. I'm figuring out blogging (and crafting!) as I go along. I love to tweek the colours and fonts and stuff, so my top tip is to play around with it as much as you like.
Next tip, if you have a macro setting on your camera, get in close and make a feature of the details. It seems to work well with craft pics. And I'm hooked. You know I live in very small space so I need to get in close and crop so that I don't include the whole of our home in all my pics.

Then it starts to take on a life of its own. You blog your crafts, then you get on with your crafts so that you can blog about it!
Have fun, Tracey