Thursday, 19 August 2010

Vintage at Goodwood

We went to the Vintage at Goodwood festival last friday. Unfortunately it rained, a lot, so there was lots of sheltering and drying out with intermittent browsing and bopping. Luckily for us we knew the guys at the Silver Rocketeer Cocktail Lounge, newly refurbished and looking classy and chilled. The rain and poor light meant that I didn't get many usable pics, and I'm gutted that I can't show you the Rocketeer's shiny Spartan Mansion.

The festival had a very relaxed party atmosphere, loads of vintage vehicles on show (including a few Airstreams), an auction on the Sunday, vintage clothing and furniture stores, performance tents and stages. Friday had a reggae flavour on the Soul Stage. I enjoyed a bop to The Beat and later to The Wailers, great bands and a really happy crowd.

Hopefully this was the first of a new annual festival, but with better weather. Who would have thought The Buzzcocks would ever be considered vintage? I guess nostalgia can take hold of any of us!


Caroline Munro said...

Hey! I wish I could have come shopping with you :) Love the colorful pic's as usual.
We are very excited to be purchasing our own small plot to keep Bella on at the Clearwater Airstream park. I have been scouting the local towns to see where the quilt, antique and craft shops are. Luckily Paul quite enjoys these shops too...or is just tolerant!
I might need some knitting advice from you to work my way through my first knitting pattern purchase! I am planning to knit a beanie hat for my kids. They are all the rage here. But I never follow other peoples patterns I make up my own.
I will let you know how I get on. It shouldn't be too hard should it?

Tracey said...

If you make up your own patterns I should be asking you for advice, rather than the other way around. I always end up substituting different yarns, with varying levels of success! Maybe I'll get some tips at the 'Unhitch and Stitch' at the next UK Airstreamers Gathering in two weeks. Very excited about that.

Bella said...

Our Airstream parks craft group is called "Happy Hookers" I nearly peed myself when they announced activities at the last meeting. Too funny!!

Tracey said...

Brilliant. Sounds like you've found your people. Have fun.