Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Chunky Mitts

Here, at last, are the Arm Warmers, made with Sirdar Click Chunky yarn, on straight needles, and following a very simple pattern from Hand Knitted Things. I actually finished them very quickly, for me, but I was put off photographing my hands wearing them because they have been in a right dried-up old state. I had to slather on some heavy duty hand cream before taking this pic, just so that you wouldn't recoil in disgust.

The yarn is a mix of acrylic and wool. I usually buy pure wool, even when it isn't necessarily practical. I just prefer the feel of it. But the wool shop which is to be my local for as long as we decide to stay in our current location (somewhere in the county of Worcestershire) has a large selection of yarns, but most of them are blends. If I'm going to be a purist I'll have to travel further afield.

The cable stitch was a cinch. How pleasing to be able to create a complicated effect by simple means. And I like the finished result so much I went straight out to buy more (blended) wool and I am knitting a shorter pair. I liked the idea of a long-armed mitten, but I think I will rarely have exposed forearms in the next few months.


John said...

You'll appreciate those arm warmers with the cold snap we are having - love the colour.

Tracey - when I worked outside in all weathers used Neutrogena hand cream. Originally formulated for Norwegian fishermen. Found it the only effective one for me - unscented and non-greasy - would highly recommend it.


Tracey said...

That is precisely the one I'm using. Nothing else is up to the job. Why have I got hands like a Norwegian fisherman though? You are right too about the arm warmers. My next challenge will have to be gloves with fingers!