Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Winter Projects

I did finish the shorter mittens from Hand Knitted Things and made another pair to give as a gift. I have, as I expected, had more use out of these than the longer, 'arm warmer' version of the pattern. There's just too much bulk to tuck up into my jacket sleeves. Maybe they're more suitable with just a sweater, or a gilet?

They knit pretty quickly, although when it comes to sewing up any project I usually lose momentum. My attention wanders and my eyes glaze over and I will allow pretty much anything else to grab my interest. So, if you are not me, these mittens are brisk gratification.

Currently on the go is a knitted camper van from The Little Knit Kit Company, one of my lovely crafty prezzies from Pete. So far the pattern looks simple, no shaping involved. The kit comes with everything you need, including some 4mm needles (although I'm using my own longer ones) and some pretty beads to use as headlights and decoration.

We live in an Airstream now but we used to have a red 1973 VW camper van and I still love them to bits. Living in one might be just a bit cramped though. My mission to fill our trailer with sewn and knitted stuffed things is going rather well, except I have been thinking about putting some sock creatures up for adoption.

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