Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Refreshing Modernism

The car had to go in for its MOT. The dealership/garage is nowhere near to anywhere I want to be so I took a bus in to Cheltenham. In the midst of all its Regency, wedding-cakey poshness someone had plonked a concrete block, presumably in the nineteen seventies. Actually its presence is refreshingly discordant, especially since The Swallow Bakery has turned the ground floor into an urban-feeling cafe. I remembered it being a bit pricey on a previous visit so I was content with just a coffee and to sit and people-watch in an airy, contemporary space. I'm sure it will feel even lighter when the scaffold is removed from outside.

The car passed its test, hoorah! That was the cheapest visit to a Land Rover establishment ever. Big sighs of relief all round. 

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