Tuesday, 5 July 2011


We seem to have slowed right down. While Pete has been dealing with some rather annoying shenanigans on the UKAirstreamers forum I have managed to read a couple of books and dabble with my knitting. I'm trying out a cup cosy to keep my tea warm while I'm sitting outside. It's like a little cardi for your cup. A bit daft really, but I just feel like experimenting. I must have unravelled it at least four times so far.

Perhaps I should make one to fit around my glass of red wine as well. It was getting a bit chilled as we sat around the campfire last night.


Bella said...

Tracy, are you back from Europe or still having fun abroad? We can't wait for our trip to UK and family !

I have put up a couple of new postings that might interest you :-)


suprint said...

Hi Tracy rockhill rendezvous sounded fab. Wished we could have been there and would have love to make bunting maybe nxt yr. Currently on llyn peninsula in our soda stream and knitting, walking cost pth and picking slows for gin and sloe jelly on return regards sue and paddy.