Friday, 16 September 2011

A Very Big Tent

Before the 38 Airstreams arrived for the UK Airstreamers' September Gathering, Rockhill Rendezvous, there was a bit of a build up.

Recently added to our list of favourite things: our marquee, reminiscent of an old fashioned beer tent, dressed with 200 metres of homemade bunting and 320 metres of fairy lights. (You can see us and the whole Huntbatch family raising the marquee on our other blog here). When Gaynor said it would be "worth it" to make our own bunting rather than buy some sub-standard stuff, she was right. We spent large chunks of the following two weeks passing a bag of fabric triangles and tape between the farmhouse and our Airstream. She must have been experiencing some spooky intuition when she ordered 200 metres instead of the agreed 200 feet of tape.

When I fractured my tibia a week before Rockhill Rendezvous, sewing up bunting was the most productive thing I could do. That and make endless 'To-Do' lists!

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Bella said...

Hello Tracy and Pete.
How is it going in old blighty?
It seems such a long time ago that we were enjoying our four week trip to UK. Since then we have installed two teenagers in college and we are now empty nesters ! What a change for us both. We are still struggling to get our head around that one :-)
This weekend we are off on a mini rally,(16 airstreams) to Taylor Falls,MN. Steamboat trip and art fair organized for us all then back on sunday. The following weekend is the blowing out of the water pipes at the park, winterizing of Bella and putting her in storage again for the winter. So sad :-(
I feel some winter projects coming on. I have several quilts to complete and I am going to dust down my ancient knitting machine and see if it still works :-((
I hope your airstream gatherings were a big success and look forward to see more knitting from your Little Tin Hut.


Caroline and Paul