Friday, 21 October 2011

Pass The Loofah

Things I can do (now that the cast is off):

Walk. Yay!!! Well, put one foot in front of the other and move steadily in a forward direction.

Get in and out of the Airstream on foot, instead of on bum.

Sit on the floor and make a fuss of the bunnies whilst bribing them with leafy greens.

Carry stuff, instead of moving stuff incrementally along horizontal surfaces.

Shower standing up. (replace the word 'shower' with 'clean teeth', 'get dressed', or any everyday, simple activity)

Make a cup of tea in under twenty minutes and then carry it to the table. Actually I can carry two full cups, so myerrr.

..... I'm on fire! I would like my own leg back now though. Mine has been replaced with a rigid, puffy, pink, flaky one. Eeoogh!


Bella said...

You did make me laugh! Glad you are slowly improving Tracy.
Our Airstream is now packed away and winter sewing projects are tempting me!
Get well soon


Tracey said...

Thanks Caroline.
Improving slowly but surely. Enjoy those projects, and keep us informed and impressed!!!

Andrew said...

Hurrah! Glad your liberty is returning Shoe! It's all good... my bro is in Stoke Mandeville and he *might*, just *might* have some kind of auto-mobility at the end of it if he can take to the calipers. Sending you lots of love and cups of tea xxx

Tracey said...

Ta Andrew. Tea.. always.
Fingers crossed for your bro's mobility. x