Sunday, 10 June 2012

Pink Procurement

The British high street has embraced the flamingo motif, for some reason. I've often wondered about people whose job it is to decide what we plebs get to buy and when. But, since flamingos and Airstreams go together, I'm not complaining this time. There are opinions and theories about why Airstreamers like flamingos. I go along with the idea that when Don Featherstone designed the gracefully kitsch lawn ornament for Union Products in the nineteen fifties, RV'ers probably wanted to take theirs away with them to created a little bit of their own yard-away-from-home. And the look just stuck. Now, you don't have to be into the whole fifties look to plonk a pair of flamingos outside your trailer and feel like you're part of some ironically kitsch gang. Most of us UK Airstreamers have a pair (although there aren't many genuine Featherstones around).

So this summer, we can also fill our shopping baskets with flamingoey stuff of a varying quality, and this is my choice, a drinks pitcher from a ubiquitous high street store. There was also a massive bag I fancied from Next (I think), but I'd never have use for it, or anywhere to keep it. That's the refreshing, anti-consumerism effect of living in an Airstream. Saves money and future trips to the charity shop to offload crap you bought on a whim.

The flamingo trend has been highlighted by my new favourite blog/website, Domestic Sluttery - the home and lifestyle blog for women who have better things to do. In other words, women! They have spotted a fabulously fifties/Hawaiian skirt from River Island, among other slightly more subtle finds. I've just found this website, but I'll be keeping an eye on it for their cocktail recipes, and indulgences like Chocolate Butter!!! I just know these are my people, because rather than wrapping in clingfilm and placing in the fridge for an hour, no no no, you pop it in the freezer for 5 minutes before schmearing on toast, pancakes, etc. As close to instant gratification as is decent.

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Andrew said...

It is indeed lovely how living in a trailer means that everything has to justify its place in our compact lives. In turn this means that almost everything we clap eyes on has incredible value - be it sentimental, comical, practical, etc.