Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Yarn Bomb

When we were staying near to Ludlow we took the short-ish drive to Leominster, unsure if we had been there before on our travels. Once there, we spent a happy hour or so disagreeing about it. Although in hindsight I'm wondering if Pete was possibly just winding me up. I know for sure that we had been, and I can remember when, down to the month and year. Pete swears he had never been. It's usually a bad sign when this happens. We visited Evesham three times, each more depressing than the last, before we learnt not to do so again. At least not until it became our handy, functional town with an efficient launderette and a lovely vet for the bunnies.

Back to Leominster though, it had a wonderful fromagerie where we stocked up on a scrummy trio of local cheeses. And there was this little 'yarn bomb' event in the street, knitted coverings on trees and street furniture. A sign said it was there to make us smile. Mission accomplished

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