Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Airstreams In A Field

Some of the Airstreamers described to us how they can feel the excitement rise as they travel to Rockhill Rendezvous, and how they feel themselves unwind the moment they enter the farm. What a wonderful reward for us, job done, as they say. We know the magic of this pocket of peacefulness in Shropshire, this is our fourth year of being welcomed here, and we love to see our fellow Airstream enthusiasts soak it all up.

I find it hard to describe why I think these gatherings work. We are after all a disparate bunch of people who get together and mostly get along, simply because we happen to like and own Airstreams. And Rockhill Rendezvous is uniquely laid back. Because we're lucky enough to have been invited to host it on this beautiful farm, far enough away from neighbours and civilisation, we can enjoy ourselves as noisily or peacefully as we like, into the wee hours. The only rules are, enjoy yourself, leave your watches at home, stay up way past your bedtime.

Some of our regulars couldn't make it this year, unfortunately. That meant that we missed out on some impromptu folk music, and a video of the event, for example. But we did get to adopt the Rockhillbillies as our new house band (that's not official, by the way, and Carl had to be bribed and cajolled over a long period!). And possibly my favourite sight of the last two years' events is when people get just tipsy enough to really let their hair down and have a dance. There's nothing more spontaneously joyful than someone who has kept it together finally launch themselves into a boogie, reel or a do-si-do.

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