Thursday, 21 April 2011

There can be only one

I used to pick the peel out of marmalade until on a train from Penrith to London I met a dapper elderly gent in a chalk-striped suit who told me he was heading to Harrods or Fortnum's to buy some No Peel Marmalade. It could have been created for me. Even better once I discovered that you could buy it in any self-respecting supermarket. When John and Carole came to visit the other day we discovered that Carole and I share the same discerning taste. We have tried others but they all fail to impress. There can be only one.


John said...

Tracey, couldn't agree more, the best marmalade going.

Have you tried Tiptree's lemon curd - it's brillant, just like homemade.


John said...

Sorry, spelling is getting worse - too much red wine!!!!


Tracey said...

ooh, love lemun curd too. hic! tee hee